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Segrest Farms is the industry leader for wholesale ornamental fish, supplying pet stores, public aquariums, and research institutions since 1961. Premium quality and unmatched variety of freshwater tropical & coldwater fish, GLOFISH®, saltwater specimens, aquatic plants, and reptiles, supported by first class customer service and distribution, including 24/7 web access and ordering.

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There are several pieces of legislation currently being proposed that, if passed, could cripple the aquarium hobby. The PIJAC Aquatics Committee is working with legislators to ensure any actions taken are based on the best available science, but they can't do it on their own. Please support PIJAC's work to help protect the future of ornamental fish in nature and in our tanks.

PIJAC Marine Ornamental Defense Fund seeks support to fight anti-aquarium legislation

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NOAA Delays ESA listing Decision for 66 Coral Species

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HR996 Proposes nationwide "white list" of allowed species, all others would be banned

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Review: Global Pet Expo 2013 a huge success for aquatics

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New Research Indicates Marine Aquarium Trade Incentivizes Conservation of Wild Reefs

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Marine Aquarium Hobby in Jeopardy: PIJAC seeks support to defend the industry and hobby from legislative threats in 2013

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Hawaiian ornamental fisheries face uncertain future

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Segrest Farms launches new blog for all things aquatic

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NOAA proposes listing 66 species of coral under the Endangered Species Act

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Field Report: Belo Monte Dam on Rio Xingu

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Clownfish vocalizations used to establish heirarchy and breeding status

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'Mega Dam' on Mekong moves forward despite international opposition

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New International Coral Research Facility opens in South Florida

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