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British fashion name END. has officially released the New Balance and the joint design of crystallization, this time both sides used for the design of the prototype 575 popular shoes, the well-known Carara Italy marble quarry design inspiration, through the white leather and suede shoes composed of grey stone, highlighting the incomparable texture, and with the END. logo with shoelace buckle and insole. end-new-balance-575-marble-white-5.jpg (114.22 KB, download number: 0) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-3.jpg (93.01 KB, download number: 2) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-4.jpg (97.63 KB, download number: 1) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-1.jpg (61.27 KB, download number: 0) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 upload end-new-balance-575-marble-white-2.jpg (107.71 KB, download number: 2) download END. x New Balance 575 Marble White 2016-8-15 18:26 Tony to upload this topic by 2016-8-15 18:26 in the 00 generation this year, Quanzhou City, Fujian province Industrial and Commercial Bureau active integration into the overall development, to find ways for the transformation of apparel enterprises "cheer". In the multi joint efforts, gradually out of the "winter apparel enterprises". according to statistics, from January to July, Quanzhou textile and apparel industry, the footwear industry output growth both more than two digits, the sales value of above scale textile enterprises shoes and apparel industry showed a monthly upward trend. Among them, the first half of Anta's revenue grew 28.3%, Jordan, Lee Lang, Motom and other enterprises in the first half growth in more than 10% orders. Quanzhou has "China shoes" and "Jinjiang China leisure clothing city Shishi, is one of China's most densely populated region brand shoes and apparel. However, in recent years affected by the market environment, Quanzhou shoes industry product backlog, the entire industry into the winter". "change" one leg "business entity stores, online and offline" two legs "to walk, is most shoes enterprises countermeasures." Director of the Quanzhou municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chen Kaiji said, "our business sector to actively follow up, efforts to promote e-commerce to better serve the development of enterpri cheap air jordans online ses, enterprises as soon as possible to help climbing out of the" ice "." the Bureau opened Easy Access, enterprise registration, application for trademark registration and provide one-stop service, has been supporting Shishi commercial and Industrial Park, Licheng District happiness Street shop mall and a number of e-commerce operations center put into operation. The guidance of the e-commerce operations center set up 12315 network consumer rights station, specializes in network consumer disputes; guide the establishment of E-Commerce Association, established by the association of network transaction integrity (integrity stores) convention, issued a proposal to all business integrity management, to promote the healthy development of e-commerce. today, Shishi e-commerce headquarters - Haixi (Shishi) e-commerce Industrial Park has become the e-commerce demonstration base in textile and garment fabrics trade center, headquarters center and logistics distribution center, integrated service center in one of the. At present, nearly 300 enterprises settled, the annual output value of over 10 billion yuan. In the 100 meters long happiness Street on both sides and industrial products wholesale market, gathered about 2000 online wholesalers and retailers, more than 180 thousand pairs of shoes every day. at the same time, Quanzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau free to hold a business license and has independent domain name website operators (including shoes network trading enterprise website) unified identification and dissemination and gongdun electronic identification. "Consumers can click through to the site of electronic identification, the website of the credit information query. This shopping on the Internet for ordinary consumers, is undoubtedly a reassuring. Consumers recognize standard shopping, the objective is also to promote the brand shoes and apparel sales." Some people Industrial and Commercial Bureau Market Department of Quanzhou city)cool black runs through Ace Hotel, former American The Inn Boutique and skateboard brand Vans joined forces to launch a joint Era 59 shoes. The shoes are made of handsome, cool, black through the whole, high quality leather stitching canvas material to create shoes, and the golden copper shoe lace holes as embellishment. All black style is very classic all-match, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. simplicity complex Adidas Skateboarding 2014 Summer Stan Smith Vulc new color f Cheap foamposites for sale un color A. Sauvage 2015 spring and summer styling mix review on a: simple complex Adidas Skateboarding 2014 Summer Stan Smith Vulc new color next article: fun color, A. Sauvage, 2015 spring and summer styling collocation has always been a flamboyant style.Html" target=" _blank" 〉 street style known for Supra, recently launched the yellow color of the Vader shoes, but also used as leather fabric, make it more prominent. In addition to looking at the outside, the Supra also focuses on the performance of shoes, such as its SupraFoam shock absorber, to better protect the feet. type colored Supra Vader" width=" 550" border=" 0"; src="" /〉 CMYK primary colors, New, Balance, MT580, Gore-Tex, simple new shoes, UNDERCOVER, Unreal, Real, Clothes comments on : "CMYK New Balance MT580 Gore-Tex Clothes next: concise, new shoes, UNDERCOVER, Unreal, Real," summer color Nike Air Force 1 High'07, this summer will soon debut again with a new color. The shoe body with white as the main color, shoe and shoe side with similar gray wolf leopard decoration, on the blue and red, purple venom laser with details of the site, the overall style is very suitable for summer use. It is reported that this section has recently shelves, like friends do not miss. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- sunset rainbow /Nike Womens Free 4 Flyknit "Multi-Color" color, close appreciation of /Air Jordan 6 World Cup, do not note color, add four colors / Jordan Future, new four-color project planning / make buddies envious custom shoes special anatomy / night run equipment parade physical / Nike Kobe 8, final chapter, physical map, reward / Air, Jordan, 6, Retro, Carmine, engraved version review last article: physical map / Nike Kobe 8 final chapter next: physical map / Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine version from Stockholm new shoe brand Eytys by Max Schiller, Charlie Hedin and Jonathan Hirschfeld co founded in 2013, the footwear design and simple fashion flagship young designer Max Schiller, which was Acne Studio for many years, the Swedish brand to high-end elegant style, its thick canvas shoe design to Eytys fame. Swedish style simple the latest 2017 spring and summer series continuation of the brand, apply its unique wear-resisting rubber soled with the support of the cork insole, let your foot get maximum comfort, in addition to adding new shoe style leather stitching effect KI cheap foamposites NSTON, and Jane about shoes and signature type model ACE DOJA and MOTHER series, I.T exclusive MOTHER shoes with theme to star flash film. The full range is now available at I.T〉[Giro] shoes net is a world famous sports products manufacturers, products include helmets, shoes, flywheel, ski supplies high standards of quality equipment. The performance of bicycle shoes is the decisive factor, and comfort and durability are also indispensable factors to determine a successful product. If you usually commute, don't want to look like a player or neuropathy, then Giro Republic SPD lock shoes is your perfect choice, it is designed for city residents and design, but also perfect in performance, it can complete the daily ride, also can drink beer in the garden to eat peanuts. (shoes net Chowten editor) ??????free free run Jeffrey Campbell Boots Jeffrey Campbell and Boots asics gel lyte iii size Vanilla Butter Ring Cookies These little cookies have a wonderful vanilla flavor and melt in your mouth Easy to make dessert recipes Vanilla free run Jeffrey Campbell Boots " /〉 black and red jordans BAD RELIGION Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Lookbook Religion Jeffrey Campbell and Shoes cheap wallets Scott Dorn s BodySpace Yes Please Pork Ribs Fitness Inspiration and Physique free free run Jeffrey Campbell Boots Jeffrey Campbell and Boots Enjoy superior 3D protection rapid Benz pleasure 2013-12-08 23:26:56 Wilson Wilson is unique, in that the interpretation of its tennis culture can be just right to integrate related to any aspect of tennis. As the world's first brand of tennis, Wilson Wilson has tennis has become a show of art core carrier; in tennis rackets, shirts, related accessories, tennis shoes, and other products, have excellent presentation. 2013, Wilson Wilson to meet the needs of tennis fans around the world, launched the blockbuster new "rapid" Rush Pro hardcourt tennis shoes. ??? Professional player Jarkko Nieminen (Jarkko Nieminen), Philippe Reber (Phillip Kohlschreiber) and Philippine Lopez (Feliciano Lopez);? Female athletes radical Bell Carstens (Kiki Bertens) , Melanie? Odin (Melanie Oudin), etc. In 2013 the tournament was expanded their tennis shoes Wilson Rush Pro Tour extraordinary experience. ? Spanish tennis guy Philippines Lopez (Feliciano Lopez) in the series wearing tennis shoes campaign after a few races, said: "When I wear these shoes to play when I feel comfortable, it's really light, I liked Wilson's This pair of shoes, jordans on sale online "at the same time, once the highest ranked twelfth in the world of French star Mathieu (Paul-Henri Mathieu) also said:" Rush Pro Wilson racket and shirt with really great combination "Rush Pro full range. For users of the type and age, provided Rush Pro hard man shoes, women's shoes, such as different shoes. James wear Nike LeBron 7 PS participated in the training squad 2015-05-19 12:05:46 NBA Eastern and Western finals total broke the Cavaliers today launched a squad training, but most of our attention is James feet wearing boots, on the "old shoes" quite interested he was wearing today one pair of Nike LeBron 7 PS "black and red" color! Although the shoes have traveled for five years in the political arena, but did not see it to quit meant, I hope to bring good luck to the shoes to give James, rounded out the finals and win the Champions League again! & nbsp; Nike LeBron 11 released two new color 2013-12-08 23:58:38 earlier exposure had two Nike LeBron 11 Nike has been officially confirmed, namely Nike LeBron 11 "Miami Nights" and "Akron vs Miami". Both shoes distinctive, "Miami Nights" will Hyperposite material in black carbon plate decorative pattern, with dark gray Fuse vamp, modeling tough. "Akron vs Miami" in blue green shoe outsole with a pink lining, like LeBron 9 "cannon." It is reported that these two shoe will be held on December 14 and December 7 on sale, like a friend can look at. Opening Ceremony x adidas Baseball Stan Smith is now on sale 2014-02-24 21:06:37 adidas will be the classic "Stan Smith" turned into a variety of forms, overwhelmed by US fashion brand Opening Ceremony has created a hand in adidas adidas Baseball Stan Smith, the shoes are three bars on both sides of the classic baseball glove seam position line presented in a way, not a good feeling. It is reported that the joint shoes are now on sale overseas, conditional friends can look at.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After the first application of Li Ning bow technology running shoes listing of the year, in October 2007, the application of Li Ning bow technique first professional basketball shoes, "Zhong Kui" listed, 990 yuan pricing , Li Ning basketball shoes hit a new high price. & Nbsp; "value for money." Li Ning, chief designer of Exeter Research bow technology company responsible Ned Frederick evaluated. Now, Ned has started Li Ning bow responsible for the development of second-generation tech jordans on sale mens nology. As early as Li Ning bow when available, Ned once to designer friends with his former work at Nike's out of a small problem. The friend wanted to do research model, Ned answer is "Li Ning bow If you are interested, go to the store to buy it yourself." You know, Li Ning sports shoes bow was only sold in the Chinese market, and friends want to do research on this technology, may the Trustee will have special courier from China. 1970's, Nike introduced the first dual Tailwind running shoes Nike-Air shock absorbers equipped with advanced technology, from air-cushioned shoes began to become synonymous with high technology, known footwear revolution, but also achievements Nike's brilliant. Li Ning, an important step for the company, is close to Nike have their own patents. own patent "real sports brands have their own patented technology cushioning, Nike has thousands of patents." This is 2004, by the Chinese University of Hong Kong invited to lecture Ned talked about topic. This allows a company manager in charge here, Li Ning Zhang Yan footwear products have a more bold idea, why not learn Nike, Adidas? January 2004, Li Ning Company from DuPont hired Zhang Yan, one of the most important job is on a global scale for the Li Ning Company to find excellent design resources. 2004, Li Ning, the company listed in Hong Kong this year, Li Ning Company has established a database of foot at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this is the first sports brand to establish an oriental foot database. Nike, Adidas, while rich database of foot, but only in the West. "East-West foot is different, according to the oriental foot research and design of the shoes will be more suitable for Chinese people." Ned said. apparently gave his speech, Li Ning's new inspiration. "The most important is sports shoes shock absorption, avoid sports injuries, we should have our own functional patented technology." The Board discussed this proposal after unanimous consent. Li Ning is in a race with the Giants. In order to design more competitive running shoes, until 2005 Nike hired R & D personnel has exceeded 3,000 people. Many of them have a degree in biomechanics, experimental physiology, industrial design, chemistry and various related fields. 2004, Li Ning Company and Ned Exeter Research R & D company signed a contract over one million US dollars per year, Li Ning, the company has set up a project team. Ned who has worked several years for the Nike development studio exper jordans for sale ts began working for the Li Ning, Li Ning develop their company's core technology. "patents have been registered cushioning has more than 1200, to find a new breakthrough it is a difficult thing." Ned decided to go to China to look for inspiration. One day, Ned see the introduction Zhaozhou Bridge, arch designed to withstand forces, buffered water pressure, which was in line with sneakers bearing pressure relief requirements, but vaulted pressed down later, it is difficult to restore the prototype, you can not give sports by powerful response force. It so happened that a friend invited Ned to experience an ancient sport ?? archery. With the strings of power, how to pull the bow can quickly restore the prototype. Ned shines, bow design shape. This is followed by a long test. As a visiting professor at the University of Massachusetts Department of Sport, Ned the test election in the nation's most well-known University of Massachusetts sports body test chamber, where the most advanced testing equipment, including trajectory, stress testing, and so on. Nike, Adidas and other brands regarded here as a test base. "Nike Air technology is to buffer the shock absorption by air pressure reaches, and even bow design with better protection movement. body when running, bow force will extend, with strings power, bow can quickly restore the prototype, increase jumping power. "Ned explained. "a bow, cross bow or two, will bring different damping index for different sports can be applied to different sneakers." Ned thought, and Nike Air technology, Li Ning bow technique can also be extended to all types of products. East meets West in the technology matures, Li Ning company needs is worthy heavily developed technology Li Ning bow design, shape design, use of materials, production processes are It should match. US DRD company served this task. "The bronze pattern onto the upper How?" in Beijing Li Ning sports shoes design department, a designer is being discussed with companions. In the computer in front of him, has been storing a lot of the Great Wall, pottery, bronze and the like of image data. Which is full of oriental elements of information are organized into books and sent overseas design company Li Ning US DRD companies. Two designers who will collaborate to complete the final design. Ned signed with developing its own patented technology, Li Ning, the company began looking for an overseas design team wants to bring the elements of oriental and international thinking together as one. Zhang Yan six-person team from the United States led the gathering designer in California, to the headquarters of Nike design splash Arslan, to Massachusetts, the six-person team were scored for each design firm, final consolidated elected is located in Massachusetts Dan (Dan ) DRD owned companies. Dan was the Nike designers, the company's customers include well-known brands PUMA, the design team at the age of 30 up and down. Li Ning Company in accordance with the idea, after signing, DRD company began offering year-round total of 160 sports shoes design from 2005. DRD company should oriental elements to the design of sports shoes. Dan and his colleagues had to read a lot of things about China. Prior to this, Dan, just know that the Chinese theme of the film "Crouching Tiger." For the Li Ning Company product managers and designers domestic companions good communication, Dan year round trips a 300,000 km of mileage, to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City looking oriental charm. DRD Li Ning Company to meet international quality requirements, whether it is designs, materials, or manufacturing process, DRD companies are not inferior to Adidas, Nike. For example, high-end sports shoes are no longer using traditional rubber, adhesives, plastics and other toxic materials, but chose to advanced safety and health materials. DRD's design has been applied to all types of delegations and Li Ning sponsored star shoes, which have O'Neal on the court wearing basketball shoes. September 2006, the first generation of sports shoes Li Ning bow listed as a trial, only running shoes series, its price up to 699 yuan. Since the integration of high-tech elements in product design, the first half of 2007, Li Ning footwear sales rose 44.5 percent from a year earlier. The October 2007 application listed Li Ning bow technology professional basketball shoes, in addition to the application of various technologies, "Zhong Kui" tongue snap on Facebook become the biggest embody oriental elements. These shoes have a full domineering name ?? "Zhong Kui", priced at 990 yuan, a record edition basketball shoes Li Ning listed price of a new high. However, even with air cushion has comparable technology, Li Ning bow cushion can get that kind of success remains to be seen. Nike's sales in 1978 was $ 300 million, in 2005, Li Ning's sales is $ 300 million, Li Ning, the company seems to do everything in comparison with Nike. Why not?Before the close relationship between the American Japanese artist Taka Hayashi, and Vans can be traced back to ten years, because of the extremely good at Indian national style design, ten years before Vans invited him to participate in the Vans Syndicate second joint projects. Taka Hayashi then laid the status, some people say: the design of Taka Hayashi will be some timeless classic shoes to a new height. After Taka Hayashi joined Vans Vault high-end regional team, has become one of the shoe designers, and other people are different, Taka Hayashi has its own independent joint series, this is the Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault, you can see the joint figure in almost every season. Taka Hayashi Vans Vault and now again for the upcoming 2016 season launched joint series. Including three double Sk8-Hi Court Hi LX style shoes were collocation in red, dark blue and black out; also help Court Lo Strap LX low iconic Velcro design, simple Velcro on both sides, with folk style patterns, blue and white, brown and white two kinds of color, which corresponds to the brown high has been launched in spring 2015. In the help of shoes Chukka LX from Chukka Nomad Boot, this is a pair of nomadic style shoes (Nomad), adding details on the laces and shoe etc., followed by the use of horsehair embellishment, black, dark brown, light brown three colors to choose from. Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault 2016 holiday season joint interview with asks: Taka Hayashi x Vans joint inspiration Vault 2016 holiday season is come from? TH: I'm from the last century and the 90s outdoor vintage sports wind found this season joint inspiration. I want to be a neutral color and some main colors all into this series, let it become a unique and perfect joint series. : you ask where to collect folk songs, this season joint inspiration? TH: prepare the joint when I think to find inspiration from the outdoors and open areas. So I went to the California coast, and stopped at Venice Beach, Morro Bay, Suhl, Ojai and Berkeley etc.. asked: how do you choose for branded shoes design fabrics and patterns? TH: I will design some unique shoes before I use this paragraph to fight the details Vans 50th anniversary as a special commemorative joint in a series of important, Robert Williams and Vans Vault this season from a jointly launched by the widespread attention, after all, Robert Williams as the master of art, not only created a new field of her art ", the development of modern art has not be underestimated the effect of soil, and the creation of the" Juxtapoz "Journal of modern art is the best. local time today (July 23rd), the Robert Williams x Vans? Vault joint series immediately on sale, we also bring this before offering a detailed view finally. This series includes three pairs of "rare classic shoes", respectively is 38 Decon? Sk8-Hi LX, Authentic LX and 44 Reissue Slip-On 98 Reissue LX?. According to our previous interview, the Vans team of designers chose three paintings from Robert Williams last year's exhibition: "Flaming Cobras", "Malfeasance", "Jalape? A" as the source of the joint design of shoes. Three pairs of shoes is the biggest feature of translucent crystal through the sole bottom, you can clearly see the printed on the bottom of the painting pattern. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (88) share to micro-blogAdidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 "Rubio" PE offering information exposed 2015-05-17 13:06:10 although Ricci Rubio didn't help the Timberwolves go further, he missed many games because of his injuries. The day before the network exposed Adidas was building the Adidas Crazy Light Boost 2015 "Rubio" PE, ankle strap adds a love for speed players, with Rubio's name in the band, it is reported that the shoes may be commercially available in August of this year, although the message not been official. Release, but it is a good thing for Sneaker. Air Jordan 11 Retro "Panton" in accordance with the actual release of 2014-09-19 10:29:27 yesterday as we reported this pair of Air Jordan 11 "Pantone" or a commercial message, the strong concern of the majority of the sneaker network, today again released the physical map of the shoes for everyone to enjoy, and the latest rumors this shoes may be with another pair of Air Jordan 11 with the city the sale, if it is that this pair of Air Jordan 11 "Pantone" will also be Jordan Brand to create the "Pantone" series in the first two production sold shoes, all the answer will have to wait until the official Brand Jordan give, please wait a long time. Lvshan army 6 double 4 game winning streak, Nicks lost the Nuggets losing streak, Wu Raicevic buzzer lore hawks, Paul had 22 points to take over the game paratelum. Carmelo Anthony: Jordan Melo Chris Paul: Jordan Kenneth Faried: Adidas Light Em Isaiah Thomas: Air Jordan IV Millsap: Nike Hyperchase Goran Dragic: Adidas Crazylight Isaiah Thomas: Air Jordan X Jose Calderon: Adidas Crazylight ;