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Chinese shoes Network November 11 hearing, past and present closed 21 sales agents famous commercial street in Shenyang, a large number of Adidas and Nike flagship store is very impressive, and in the hundred meters apart but the mall also has a set of Adidas and Nike counters. In fact, this phenomenon is very common throughout the country. Because, even if it is facing the same brand opened two stores are also likely not with an agent. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in Shenyang, in various forms and shapes of sports marketing shopping malls, sports city and other long all over the streets. According to media reports, only PENGDA sports city in a street with a four sports city, Taiyuan Street features five sports city, and its located in the mall mall store is a surprising number. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". Acting Sporting Goods lucrative, especially Adidas and Nike" insiders tells reasons, the past three years, sales of sporting goods in Shenyang has improved every year, and a well-deserved two big brand "Adidas" and "Nike" is being referred to as a cash cow in the industry. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, this mutation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Belle earnings in the first half of 2009, Belle agent Nike and Adidas revenue was 3.32 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2008, rose only 2.5 percent last year, also rapidly expanding Belle in the first half of this year, closed down 346 sportswear stores, of which 304 for the second-tier brand shops. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Daphne semi-annual report showed that as at June 30, within six months closed 21 Daphne "Adidas" point of selling their own agency, plans this year to close all of the "Nike." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to the third quarter, Adidas quarter operating profit fell 29 percent, sales fell 7%. Compared with the first and second quarter of this year, hitting the deepest decline. did not complete the dream of post-Olympic backlog of goods valued at $ 1 billion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; can become an Olympic partner, Adidas do so by 1% advantage to become the first brand of Chinese sports market. However, after the dazzling inventory p air jordan 11 space jam for sale roblems seem to be more cause for worry. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; all goods According to media reports, in April this year, as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor Adidas printed with the Olympic logo all expired. And before this, because many dealers expected good, before the Olympic Games wantonly getting goods. Hot sales of sporting goods and may not scheduled to occur, resulting in serious dealer inventories. A report from a third party shows that the commercial value of the Olympic Games through ?????? backlog in the country has reached 1 billion yuan, a lot of stock has not digested. "Adidas and Nike are the futures system, orders six months in advance, cash on delivery." a ???????? Hunan dealers open to the media said that as not in accordance with the actual market demand to purchase, a lot of the backlog of goods piled up in warehouse, and lead to capital is withholding. In order to clear inventory, local dealers are low-cost marketing. end of 2008, a shopping mall in Shenyang, Adidas classic style shell head for the first time the audience uniform price 380 yuan, part of Nike shoes for only 290 yuan. Not long ago, shopping malls Shenyang became a negative one Adidas discount field, 380 yuan shell head reproduction of rivers and lakes, many sports apparel discount to new lows --3 fold. At the same time, Nike also to discount sales. Adidas This is not desirable. "Adidas and Nike did not seem so high above." citizen rash sports brand loyal fans, have a pair of Nash family spent nearly a thousand dollars himself, because simply can not wait for that day discounts. "Even the major festivals to catch up to make a 50% discount, which, as is now so often." collar Yingxue Lu recalled 2005 Adidas shell head is very mixed feelings, high prices just to work her catch up. Now, although the original price did not rise, "but after more than two months will be able to play 8-fold, all of a sudden fast 200 yuan cheaper, who buy full-price shoes ah?" industry or reshuffle not provide higher profit margins While Belle and Daphne are interested to shrink the front, but the meaning is different. "D jordans on sale online aphne wanted to bid farewell to sports brand agency, focusing on the development of its women's business." sports brand agent Magang has publicly told the media analysis, according to the annual report shows that the second half of Daphne also hold an additional 122 "Daphne" and 139 "shoe" point of sale. Belle is due to the rapid pace of development early, hoping to take advantage of this time, the channel and retail capabilities further optimization. The second half is a key growth point in time, the concentration of superior resources more conducive to enhance the brand. Anyway, sports brand industry reshuffle has emerged. "After the Olympic Games, each sport brands are more or less have some pressure on the stock." The industry believes that, coupled with the impact of the financial crisis continues, old goods not digested, new goods are no longer marketable, for the entire industry greater than demand, sports brands have begun the process in a recession, and is likely to continue beyond 2010. Coupled with Li Ning, Anta and many second-tier sports brands inexpensive deeply touched the hearts of consumers, over time changed the industry supply and demand relationship. According to media reports, really bothered Nike and Adidas, not now piled up in dealer inventory in the warehouse, but the channel is gradually "as big." A direct result of the channel will be brought to focus, Adidas and Nike distribution channels, Li Ning brand gradually and homogenization, but they was not any way for dealers to provide higher profits than domestic sports brand space. public information in the country, local sports brand to develop significantly faster pace of sales network in the international sports brand. As of last year, Li Ning has 6,917 stores in mainland China, a net increase year thousands of stores. Adidas outlets in China last year increased by more than 300 only. At the same time, Li Ning sponsored by the factory discount stores even more pervasive. "We have in addition to digest inventory, but also to return the funds to the company." Li Ning store relevant person in charge of the factory was very satis Cheap foamposites for sale fied, saying much larger than the sales price stores. And has developed rapidly in various brands. In fact, the sales model, through a number of industry experts in the media analyzed and summarized, which can be seen, the international brand, is only responsible for R & D design, brand management, production, retail and other sectors have been outsourced. Domestic brand is from product design, raw material procurement, manufacturing and retail are all one. Full participation in all aspects of the industry chain, will be able to get profit every aspect of the industry chain, so as to improve the company's profitability. "At present, Shenyang Adidas did not reduce the total number of stores." Adidas insiders, although some stores opened since the decoration regroup, but did not Withdraw phenomenon. As for the discount increased frequency of problems, the person agreed, but explained only the company's normal activities. "Discounts course, the better ah." Zhou Xiaowan consumers believe that sports brands she does not care if the shuffle. But if it is thus triggering a wide range of discounts are loved, for consumers, discount is the most affordable. bring this previously popular and by Michael Jordan Pro feet over the air jordan 1 "Cyber Monday" model on foot demonstration. Pure black shoes collocation Nike Air tongue embroidery and supplemented with white outsole design is very simple, the whole all-match. source: nicekicksNew Balance launched its own R & D color design, in an attempt to cover the colorful atmosphere of melancholy autumn quarter: there are orange, green, blue, mustard powder and dark dark blue show. Material selection is also be used to set off the suede texture, and in the N sign is also used in the shoe body and consistent color, so that the overall color is the key to present and complete expression of " Brights Pack" the consistency of love, friends can look at. Skateboard shoes classic label VANS has been active in the streets, in recent years, OUTDOOR popularity, earth color Dress Boots become the focus, this presents a series of VANS with OUTDOOR style as the design concept of JP J jordans on sale mens apan Limited, little boots of massiness and add more casual street with the wind, can easily penetrate hiking boots, solid texture, love friends can go to abc-mart and see if there are a variety of multi-color options. Download (61.63 KB)With any pair of sneakers in silver and black, you must think of the Oakland Raiders colors. This time the Nike Dunk High is the use of such a combination of color, this kind of leather with white background, shoes, shoe body, heel and ankle with durable black suede material to be decorated, silver Swoosh across the back part of the shoe body, quite eye-catching, white bottom under the configuration of the black rubber at the end of. This combination of color and then added the classic black and white color, this section is now available in Purchaze, like friends can pay attention to.Launched the all star version of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low Nike before the all star defenders, the eastern version have launched three colors, the eastern used blue design practices at the same time, there are two models with a silver and blue sea design. Three shoes, heel and insole have "LA" word. It is reported that these all star version of the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Low will be released before and after the All-Star, please look forward to.recently, Huarache to Air Trainer Huarache series of classic style training to release a new color. Phase compared to air flight huarache creativity, air trainer huarache count is more conservative, outsole is not enabled popular ice crystal materials, vamp is the grey wolf to live, white as a supplement, although somewhat monotonous, but in University Red Velcro and details of the repair act the role ofing is quite bright. This has been in the overseas Proper store shelves, the number of 679083-017. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: Proper [global shoes Network - new s cheap jordans for sale hoes tasting] Dickies was founded in 1922, is committed to producing high-quality tooling uniforms, 89 years of professional clothing experience, so that it understands the essence of American clothing culture. In 2008, Dickies officially entered the Chinese market, leading an American style leisure trend, and gradually received more and more young people's love and support. This summer, Dickies directly introduced the European version of the plate, for the first time in the Chinese market to launch their own shoes, and named "STANDARD", intended to "classic style, accommodation freely."". the low design by the young street youth favorite, easy action style, plus neutral yet classic color selection, Dickies LOGO woven on the tongue, very eye-catching. The upper shoe is made of twill cotton and cow suede, lined with plaid patterns, natural rubber soles, understated and tasteful. In order to enhance the wearing comfort, Dickies also show ingenuity strengthened by filling in the shoe heel, the skin is still strengthening, force. (shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoes network editing by Muzi) Dickies launched his first shoes brand new pair of shoes "STANDARD" Vans Surf regional brand line although not so famous, but has been a series of Vans in the summer is quite rosy now, this year, Vans Lanai launched a new two pairs of slippers, will advance the taste of summer to us in advance, the two pairs of Vans Lanai slippers, a pair of blue, a pair of shoes on the green. Printing is Vans Authentic when overlooking the pattern of illustration, look carefully will find N Vans board Logo projections, the shoes are made of synthetic rubber wear, diamond bottom even still use the waffle sole. Has been listed. price: 155 RMB number: VN-0L908HE (blue); VN-0L95AQ6 (green) WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogPlayers adidas Originals campaign launched animal color series of shoes 2012-08-21 08:59:51 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes cheap foamposites Network August 21 hearing, in the morning when it is for you to bring the latest quarter engraved launch of adidas Originals Super Star 80s Ganso version, not unexpected after 24 hours, but also for everyone to re-send Super Star news about the latest styles. In addition to the ancestral color, adidas Originals has also launched a program called "Animals Patterns" series, as the name suggests is certainly playing animal color of the style, which will be launched with the most common version of leopard and zebra, yellow Black leopard color most attention, if you do not want too prominent, additional soil brown leopard is relatively low-key distinctive choice, Sept. upcoming Login adidas Originals shops for sale, has to start Yuan Zu Jingdian color of friends may wish to pay attention to this memorable featured animal series now. Related newsthe United States each year in February as Black History Month, with various contributions paid by the memorial to the black pioneers for their cultural and social status, so meaningful in various brands is often used for creative themes. Air Jordan 1 Jordan Brand BHM this year is still a member of the whole series, with black leather as the substrate, while the colorful lines to cross the way into the body of the shoe block, tongue and leather standard ankle Wings Logo laser treatment is adopted, highlighting the low-key luxury texture. is expected to be on sale in online stores in January 16th, priced at $150. source: PoliticsNew Balance has been cooperating with the well-known clothing brand Reigning Champ Canada, the NB 530 as the two sides back to the creation of the protagonist, and breath launched black and gray two kinds of styles, mainly through the short haired suede collocation in leather boots Reigning Champ flagship high quality and simple style, in addition to effectively enhance the punching design in addition to air permeability more delicate shoes add a sense of hierarchy, printed in the cortex on the insoles marked the brand for the joint project left a distinct note, is expected in September 3rd to foreign official website and Reigning Champ online New Balance dealer offering. source: Sneaker Files see the familiar blue you want to have to think that this is the University of North Carolina exclusive color, the Jordan Brand University of North Carolina launched 2012-13? The new season of the new PE shoes, respectively? Jordan Aero Flight? Air Jordan and 2012 Lite for the theme, with two pairs of blue and white as the main color in black to collocation, and heel and tongue are? UNC Logo to highlight the unique characteristics, make people quite looking forward to more college PE color release. source: sneakernews? with the Western championship fight, Nike also robbed during this period officially released KD10 (station reports), to usher in the tenth kinds of personal signature shoes Kevin Durant, is undoubtedly a memorable milepost, also in this stage with excellent performance KD the importance of the individual back to the Western championship. And directly in the opener wear is expected as one of the first KD10 color of the 'Anniversary' version debut. Flyknit has been Kevin Durant himself is very fond of science and technology, and the use of this technology to mature under the condition that the upper structure of KD10 detailed and believe in place is worth everyone to taste one of the highlights, in addition the design team will be more in the bottom two lacing system with link structure, new type of real change why do people look forward to the KD10 of the coating performance, also believe that KD will be in the next exciting events continue to bring more different color. source: ZIMBIO / @br_kicksAbout in early March, circulated on the Internet? Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals' Human Race 'mysterious work shoes, Pharrell and Williams in Instagram I was put on a real photo, indirectly confirmed the authenticity of the message. Recently, the shoe photographer sneakerprophet_ also exposed the series of new colors' Multicolor 'image, can not help but look forward to whether the sale of the day near it? The series of Human Race currently has three colors are green, white, blue and gray and the exposure of 'Multicolor' is interesting through Human Race? The concept of the world that three shoes represent Oriental Culture (Bai Lv), Mother Earth (blue and gray), ethnic diversity (of Multicolor). In fact, the double "Multicolor" color earlier days before a spy photos public, this time through the lens of the photographers, but also highlights the design concept of the folk style. Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals' Human Race 'series has not yet learned its official name, the date of sale are not released, many of the mark is given shoes fans unlimited imagination, looking forward to the official to disclose more news, we will bring up reports. source: sneakerprophet_ always invited every summer sports brand's players visit period, different from the past, this year in addition to the more familiar NBA players from the WNBA team (Dallas Wings) Dallas winger Skylar Diggins in the day before the whirlwind visit, first in the world's largest NIKE NEO19 running experience store reopened, then came to the school to Yangming in the guidance of Rise Academy, considerable encouragement for young female basketball players. to 175 cm height has won 2 all star players and the 2014 League best progress award in the world's top women's occupation field, outstanding achievements with Taiwan's similar stature to let the players participate in the elite field Rise Academy gained a lot, Skylar Diggins from both ends to provide a lot of practical advice, and in the group competition in person as a defender, together with students forging chain. group competition at the last minute both show the amazing toughness of mutual exchanges, and try to accept the guidance for the implementation of earlier games, the last game in the countdown stage with a wonderful shot winner, regardless of the atmosphere or the game level will be called an interview this year Rise Academy the most exciting is not an exaggeration, Skylar Diggins finally encouraged love basketball, love sports girl, don't be afraid of weaknesses and challenges, like her motto "YOU DO YOU", insist on love, brave to do their own. NIKE RISE ACADEMY basketball camp has started in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong six city, to build a complete ecological system training to the best quality service brand and the top managers of teachers team, each consumer can according to their own degree to choose the most suitable for their own basketball training courses. NIKE RISE ACADEMY is a long-term service provided by the brand. Basketball enthusiasts can enroll in their most suitable courses by NIKE.COM/TPE every week. They learn correct training methods and show themselves through basketball. SKYLAR DIGGINS Taipei basketball tour official interview Skylar Diggins said: "maybe I'm not on the court or supreme is the strongest player, but I believe that my heart is definitely the strongest. Just keep without fear, the will to win, put off the field every moment, you can both beauty and the beast. "The NIKE also provides the opportunity for media to participate in the interview, Skylar Diggins in the Rise Academy full new Hyperdunk 2016 Low can introduce our special reference, and then look at the contents of further interviews. as link 〉Nike recently launched a new type of shoes, belonging to Nike Sportswear Swoosh Hunter in the field of leisure life has a minimalist shoe body design, the biggest feature is to replace the traditional shoe set with Velcro straps and elastic fabric, heel into special geometric shapes, full of deep sense of the future. Nike Swoosh Hunter has been available at Urban Street Gear since February 6th. source: primeathletic/usgstore Stephen Curry led the team to challenge the league's best record in history, while the partner Under Armour did not forget to launch a new color for his personal exclusive shoes. In order to meet the upcoming Easter, fresh color of the brand through the collocation to highlight the festive atmosphere, with electroplated metal shine UA LOGO is relatively costly, I also expect Curry to wear it for a formal game debut. The special edition of the Easter Edition is the current information indicating that the size of the GS is expected to be available, and Taiwan is scheduled to be listed in March 26th. source: WearTesters