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Over the years Segrest Farms has introduced many new varieties of domestically aquacultured freshwater fish to the aquarium hobby. A few of the recently produced species pioneered through Segrest Farms include tank-raised Neon, Cardinal, and Rummy Nose Tetras, Bristlenose Plecostomus, and GloFish™ Zebra Danios. It is with this same commitment to innovation that we offer our customers an expanded selection of captive raised saltwater fish, cultured coral, live rock, marine algae and specialty live foods such as phytoplankton, rotifers, and copepods.
Cultured corals are a dynamic area for aquaculture. Segrest Farms is actively working with multiple producers to enhance the quantity and variety available and to diminish the use of and dependence upon “sustainably” collected specimens. Further, with our farmed specialty feed live foods including algae, artemia, rotifers, copepods and phytoplankton we are equipped to provide appropriate diets and nutrition for successful reef tanks  including corals and hard to feed fishes.
Live Rock is another component of marine aquariums that easily lends itself to aquaculture. At present, Segrest Farms produces a coralline algae encrusted, biologically active base rock that is both lighter weight and more visually appealing than traditional live rock. Grown on natural calcium carbonate rock, it will perform well as a base to a reef and many invertebrates. We are also introducing an artificial substrate rock with a very natural appearance that is lightweight and porous. While totally reproducing natural live rock can only be accomplished in off-shore “farms”, Segrest Farms is forging ahead to find additional viable alternatives.
From fish, to corals, to live rock, to specialty foods required by these unique creatures, the products of marine aquaculture represent the future of the reef aquarium hobby. We at Segrest Farms, along with our production partners, are dedicated to providing the best that aquaculture presently produces, as well as those in development. Today, freshwater hobbyists are able to create beautiful aquariums with dazzling array of captive raised species from around the globe. Our goal is to offer the marine aquarist an equally variable selection of fish, plants and corals to create their own piece of living artwork

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