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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How can I order from Segrest Farms?

Any pet shop doing business in a retail location can order from Segrest Farms. Proof of business is required. A Customer ID Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), unique to each customer, are required to access this "Pet Shops Only" section of the Segrest Farms Web site. Please e-mail us, using the PIN request form supplied below, or fax a request for your PIN on company letterhead to Segrest Farms at 1.813.677.4448. If faxing your request, please provide your Customer ID number and return fax number. To ensure total security, PIN's will be issued via telephone only.
2.    I don't own a pet shop. Does that mean I can't get fish from Segrest Farms?
3.    What ordering options are available?



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