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Marine and Freshwater Fish Distributor, Small Animal Wholesale - Segrest Farms

Segrest Farms supplies wholesale tropical fish to licensed Pet Shops only, however, we encourage you to use our site for information and to find the store nearest you that carries Segrest Farms fish.

Hobbyists can access our entire site except for the "Pet Shops Only" portion, which requires an existing account with us to log into.

Our Catalog is a master listing of freshwater aquarium fish, marine fish, plants, invertebrates, and others that we have carried in the past along with what we regularly stock. It is not an availability list but a point of reference. As one of the largest aquarium fish suppliers in the world, this listing is extensive and contains many items that may no longer be commonly available. We encourage you to browse through our catalog and keep checking back as we are continually updating with pictures and care information for the species listed.

If you are looking for a particular species of tropical or marine fish or have general availability questions, please use our STORE LOCATOR to contact a store in your area that regularly orders from Segrest Farms. We always take customer requests so we'll be happy to work with your local pet store to get a rare or unusual item. Keep in mind that many items are seasonal or only sporadically available if at all-but as the world's premier tropical fish supplier we will make every effort to find what you're looking for!

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with some of the exciting new fish we are continually bringing in here at Segrest Farms, we encourage you to subscribe to our new weekly email newsletter for hobbyists. This newsletter highlights a few of the 'New & Unusual' species available each week with high quality photos (taken right here in our in-house fish photo studio) and care information. To subscribe, just send an email to 'subscribe@segrestfarms.com' with the subject line 'subscribe'.

Also, be sure to 'like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with what's going on with the industry, the hobby, and here at Segrest. We are constantly posting pictures of the huge variety of tropical freshwater and marine fish that come in to our facility here in Florida.

Hobbyists are always welcome to take a tour of our facility if you should happen to be in the Tampa, Florida area. Located in Gibsonton (25 minutes south of Tampa and in the heart of the Florida tropical fish industry), our facility here is among the largest and most successful tropical fish distributors in the world.

Visiting hours are 8am to 3pm Monday through Wednesday, and 8am to 10:30am on Thursday. We are closed on Fridays and closed holidays and the day before. Please email us at tours@segrestfarms.com with the subject "Hobbyist Tour" to book a time and get directions to our facility. We invite you to look at the fish in our facility but we do not allow hobbyists to purchase. Children under 12 are not allowed, as you will be walking among us as we acclimate, put up, care for, pick, and pack our fish. This is not a tourist attraction; it is a working wholesale tropical fish supplier, marine fish distributor, and holding/shipping facility.

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