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Support Marine Aquaculture

Segrest Farms is donating a portion of every sale of tank raised marine fish to Rising Tide Conservation to help fund further marine aquaculture research.

At Segrest Farms, we have made no secret of our dedication to promoting sustainability in the aquarium hobby. We fully believe that promoting the wellbeing of wild populations is paramount to ensuring the long term health of fish keeping. As a part of our ongoing commitment to this goal, we are proud to announce that we will now be donating a portion of the sale of every tank raised marine fish to Rising Tide Conservation to help fund additional marine aquaculture research.

Choosing the most environmentally friendly and sustainable practices is a complicated proposition, and there is no single path to take. We believe in a two pronged approach, combining aquaculture and captive breeding with sustainable wild collection. While aquaculture is not the only route to a more sustainable hobby, it is nevertheless an important one. We encourage you to make the decision to support Rising Tide Conservation when choosing your next marine fish.

Breeding marine fish is far more complicated than with freshwater fish, and discovering the keys to successfully breeding and raising them requires a significant investment in research. Rising Tide Conservation plays a pivotal role in not just funding this research but also sharing the results with breeders and other aquaculture facilities in order to bring these fish to the hobby.

While we have long supported Rising Tide Conservation through both donations and expertise gained from over 50 years worth of experience, we are excited to be launching this formal program which allows every hobbyist to directly participate in ensuring a more sustainable future for our hobby.

Retailers, contact your sales rep to learn about our tank raised marine fish availability.
Hobbyists, find a fish store near you and ask them to carry tank raised marine fish.



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